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A Rocket Knight Adventures Petition. Anyone interested?

2011-01-13 23:28:24 by Kohakukun19

A friend and I have started an online Petition to show Konami and people are interesting in a Remake or Re-release of the old Rocket Knight Games from the 16 bit era. Especially the original Rocket Knight Adventures for the Sega Genesis.

Sparkster and his games are a highly under-rated character, and deserves to be recognized as a household name. Rocket Knight may have come out last Spring, but people mistake it for a remake, when it is really just a reboot.. It takes place 15 years after the second game. But in any case, besides the new Rocket Knight, Sparkster has made many cameo appearances in games such as Snatcher, The new International Track and Field, and the Iphone's Krazy Kart Racing. They're notable mentions, but Sparkster deserves a little more than that.

So for anyone who's at all interested, here's the link to the petition.

Thanks in advance.

A Rocket Knight Adventures Petition. Anyone interested?


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